Community Support

Integral to Lyndons is its ability to support and build meaningful connections with the local communities in which we operate and our team members live and work.

Supporting our local communities

As part of our commitment to support the communities in which we operate we get involved in a number of ways. Over the years Lyndons has been proud to sponsor many local community groups, schools, sporting groups and clubs, and registered charities through various forms including sponsorships, donations, volunteering, in-kind support through product donations or a combination of such. Lyndons has also sponsored a number of high potential sporting individuals and clubs as well as other skilled individuals excelling in their chosen field.

Our team members are at the forefront of helping us identify and drive our support of our local communities and neighbours (state and countries).

Types of support we consider

We consider local community support that:

  • Support our core brand values
  • Promote our brand in a strong and positive way, especially in areas where we operate
  • May include opportunities for our team members to be involved
  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship
  • Support our customers or our team members and their families

Request for Support Guidelines

Please provide a written proposal that addresses the following criteria:

  • Details about your organisation and event  – especially demonstrate how your request for support aligns with our brand
  • Support investment sought  (including any payment terms and GST)
  • Supporter benefits 
  • Plans for advertising and promoting the support 
  • Your target audience
  • Whether you have an existing relationship with Lyndons
  • Contact details for further information
Other useful information to help us assess your request will include:
  • Whether the proposal represents a long-term partnership, ie. is the proposal for a one-off or regular event
  • Details of other supporters involved or being approached
  • How you plan to measure and report support outcomes to us
  • You should submit your proposal to the Branch Manager of your local Lyndons store and to [email protected] to allow for consideration and approval. 

We will endeavour to respond to all proposals within four weeks of submission.