Customer Service


Service is our focus! Committed to assisting you deliver your projects on time.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the right products with fast and efficient service at competitive pricing. To achieve this Lyndons has experienced and knowledgeable team members on hand to assist you with your building and construction needs, answer your questions and provide you with solutions.

We have a proud history of established long-term relationships with many customers across numerous trades throughout Queensland and Northern NSW. No matter what size, big or small, your business is, you can count on our team, who have the technical knowledge and expertise, to assist and advise you on the best products and solutions to meet your needs. Assisting you in efficiently delivering your project for your end-customer is our focus.

We know that sometimes we don't get it right but our team is committed to work hard to remedy this to ensure minimal impact on our customer's ability to deliver their project on time and that it does not happen again.

When our team members go above and beyond (or falls short), we want to hear about it.